Sensuality coach, blogger for the famous italian newspaper “Il Fatto Quotidiano.it” with an audience of over 2 million readers and social followers.

Author of the erotic/ironic pamphlet  “Elogio del dildo” edited by Tullio Pironti, and “Erotic tips for happy lovers”. Creative, curious, ironic: Bettina  likes to describe herself this way. She began collecting prestigious magazines, in particular photographic ones which led her to fall in love with the artistic genius Helmut Newton, whom she had the fortune of meeting in 1989.

She is the best italian expert in subjects related to  sensuality and sex toys and every workshop is always a mix of humor and elegance. The class and irony of her personality have intrigued the Italian national television and radio, and they have in fact sought her as a special guest for prestigious shows viewed by millions of spectators. In the role of “Sensuality coach” she has been a regular guest on the radio divulging the newest trends of pleasure objects and offering her wisdom on eroticism to eager listeners. The printed media has also spoken of her, through articles and interviews in important publications such as “La Repubblica”, “Il Corriere della Sera”, “Panorama”, “Glamour”, “Vanity Fair”, “Marie Claire”. Bettina is a classy consultant and she hosts workshops about all things sensual and helps people have confidence with seduction, eroticism and self love. She is also a designer and  she has created audacious t-shirts and luxury love-kit in limited edition. She is very fond of Seychelles, which she has visited multiple times in the past thirty years. A beautiful destination where she reckons sensuality is everywhere.

Before the pandemic, in the January 2020 edition of Arte Fiera in Bologna, she conceived and curated the event “Don’t waste your sex toy“: a series of pictures with sex toys of various types to raise awareness to the public to differentiate materials and to make it clear how important is eco-sustainability also in the field of pleasure.